The Community-Music e-mail list

The Community-Music e-mail list

Bill Anderson, list owner
Jim McIntyre, Bill Foss, David Bailey, David Miller, list administrators

Jonell Lindholm (1955-2008), admin emeritus
Ron Boerger, list founder/admin emeritus


Since 1995, the Community-Music email list has provided a means for people across the world to discuss their passion for making music in a (primarily) volunteer concert/wind band or orchestra. Since 1999, the list has been in place on what is now Yahoo!Groups. The list has been stable there and a complete archive of discussion is available.

Besides the mailing list itself, Community-Music (or, 'C-M' as it is known by its members) is best known for the extensive list of contact information which is available to anyone who is seeking information on a group to join. There are over 1,000 such groups registered in the "C-M Contact List."

Hosting this contact list on the web costs us about $150/year. Help support C-M with a small donation.

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The Association of Concert Bands supports adult concert, community, municipal, and civic bands.

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