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Community-Music is made up of two related websites.  This website, the Community-Music Contact List, which contains a large database of contact information for (primarily) volunteer community musical groups, and the Community-Music Email Group, which is an email discussion groups hosted at  You can register your email address with the form on the right or check us out at

Besides the email group, Community-Music (or, 'C-M' as it is known by its members) is best known for the extensive list of contact information which is available to anyone who is seeking information about a group that they want to join.  There are over 1,400 groups registered in the C-M Contact List.  You can click on "Add Listing" your include your group on our list of contacts.

Hosting this contact list on the web costs us about $150 per year.  Help support C-M Contact List with a small donation using the "Donate" button on the right.

Help support C-M with a small donation.


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C-M Contact List

There are over 1,500 community bands and orchestras registered in the C-M Contact List.

Association of Concert Bands

The Association of Concert Bands supports adult concert, community, municipal, and civic bands.

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